Athens forever. Souls created her, souls build her, souls made her, Athens herself is a soul. You may feel her touching you, her breath caressing
your heart with her gentleness and purity, sending out love. Love to you, to the ones around you, to herself and to life.
Athens is alive, she is life itself! Athens lives through you, for you and with you. See her shine, a shining star in our very hearts! Athens invites you to discover her soul! Her soul is your very soul!
You will get to know her entire being, to her most intimate vibrations, that hurrying regards will overlook. Athens is open for you if you know how to
look at her. Admire her faces! Gather the memories! Put them together and you will surely find yourself in her!

Syntagma Square, officially Plateia Syntagmatos (or Constitution Square) is perhaps the "emotional" home of modern Athens. It is dominated by the imposing facade of the Parliament building or Vouli, which was built as the new royal palace following independence, officially opened in 1836.



The Kerameikos archaeological site is better known nowadays as the most important cemetery of ancient Athens . Kerameikos was named after the community of the potters who worked within the city walls and occupied the area along the banks of river Eridanos.


The Olympic Stadium is part of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA),
situated at Maroussi, a northern suburb of the city, and has 75 000 spectators
capacity. The complex was redesigned by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, in an innovative and creative way. The roof, 16 000 tons, is a glass and steel dome over the Olympic Stadium.

The library was built in 132 A.D by Roman emperor Hadrian and follows the
forum architectural style. It had an entrance with a "propylon" of Corinthian order, a high surrounding wall, an inner courtyard with columns and a decorative pool in the middle.The books were kept in the eastern side of the building.

The Olympic Flame started its journey around the world, in 2004, from Olympia and then from Panatthenean Stadium.

Steve Vai + the Breed live in Athens. 22nd November 2005.



Peter Hammill with Stuart Gordon live in Athens, 19th November 2004.
A year after he collapsed in the street with a sudden heart attack,
Peter Hammill returns as a live performer. In a career now spanning 36
years, the one-time singer of the group Van Der Graaf Generator influenced maverick talents as David Bowie, John Lydon, Mark E Smith of The Fall, Nick Cave, Graham Coxon and Luke Haines.

The beginnings of Christmas in Greece, one of the biggest holidays here, go back to the time of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, who was fighting the storms and mighty waves to reach sinking ships and rescue drowning men from the deep sea.











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